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You may also want to think about how light or heavy your flow is so that you can select a cup with a capacity to match.

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Even some shorter cups that are comfortable for a low cervix, have variations that allow for a higher capacity. Cup Comparison. You will also find some important information about the cup such as the material that it is made of, measurements, sizes, and some notes about that particular cup. Filtering or sorting examples:.

Menstrual Cup FAQs. In this section, you will find a plethora of common questions that are asked by both new and experienced users. Is it messy to use a menstrual cup? Can I trim the stem? Do I have to boil my cup? Can I still use a cup if I have long nails? How long will a menstrual cup last? In that case, the Menstrual Cup Review Forums might be the place for you. Browse other questions that have been asked or submit a new one. Whether you use your name or submit your question anonymously, the admin or other Menstrual Cup Review members might be able to review and address your question personally.

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Additional Products. Organic Cotton Tampons. Organic Cotton Pads. If you only want to purchase one cup, I would suggest the large — 1. I personally like to have at least two to three different cups. Either in a different size, shape or firmness and either in the same brand or different.

Since our cervix moves positions during our cycle, it may be lower on certain days than other which may make a longer cup feel uncomfortable or feel like it may be too large.

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  • Wondering if anyone can offer suggestions for me to try. The cup is mostly great, but I find that on my heaviest days that my cup tends to slide down to the point I can easily feel it at my vaginal opening. Thank you in advance.

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    Bell-shaped cups with a flared rim tend to ride up and sit higher than normal. The large may help the cup stay in place. On a side note, according to fertility specialists, our cervix move height positions throughout our cycle. So your cervix may be causing the cup to be ill-fitting during its transitions. You may want to invest in a backup cup to have during those days. Omg, I cannot remove my cup! Any suggestions??

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    Hi Amy! So ive been using the diva cup now for 2 cycles and i can get it in very comfortably in the morning and not feel it all day.

    Saalt Soft Review - A Perfect Menstrual Cup! No bias here ;)

    Hi Brittany! Our cervix moves all the time. Coughing, sneezing, laughing, bearing down in anyway makes it jump around. It also moves into different positions during our cycle. I know that at the beginning of my period, my cervix is on the lower side. As low as my middle knuckle. During the middle and end of my period, my cervix starts to move up and I can insert my entire finger until the knuckle on my fist. So…are you not able to insert the cup completely ONLY at night or is it during certain days of your period?

    Maybe something a little shorter or bell-shaped. In fact, try that first before you go shopping for another cup. Here are some cups that are on the market: Cup Comparison.

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    I would suggest trying this first before running out to buy a new cup. Good Luck! Hi there. My cervix is mid-low about 43mm? Was wondering if you could suggest another cup that would suit me more. Even though I watched many how to videos. Also worried purchasing a softer cup will help with the bladder but will be tough to open.

    Hi Jen! First of all, congrats on making the switch. Having a mid-low cervix, a heavy period and a sensitive bladder, I would suggest looking into a bell-shaped cup either with or without a flared rim. The LaliCup is a bell-shaped cup with a regular style rim.

    The base is round, which helps keep the cup from hopefully poking outside of your body. This cup has a unique body design that consists of channels.

    These channels help the cup fold up smaller and easier while helping the cup to pop open upon release. The rim of the LaliCup is about the same firmness as the DivaCup. However, since the secondary rim is a thinner band, together the two rims on the LaliCup feels a tad softer. This cup is bell-shaped with flared rim. This one may ride up and sit higher having a flared rim. This cup is one of the higher capacity cups on the market. The body on each of these cups may be soft enough for you to collapse the side of the cup with one finger if you need to nudge it and break the seal to remove the cup or just to reposition it.

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    The SJ may be the one that gives you troubles opening. Let me know if you need more info about these cups or any others that catch your eye. You can view and compare these cups and other at Cup Comparison. I purchased a small cup from RebelKate, but have extreme difficulty getting it to open despite watching just about every video out there. I am almost 30, never given birth, high cervix, light to moderate flow. Any recommendations on something that might work better?

    Is that the one that kinda looks like a guppy with a big mouth if you turn it to the side air hole for an eye? If it is, I had troubles with that one too, but my daughter was able to use it. I felt like the rim of this cup was too soft for my liking, while the body was a good firmness. Since you have a high cervix, you probably would have wanted something with a little more length anyhow. It will allow you to reach the cup a bit easier during removal.

    Two others cups that I would suggest looking into would be the Lunette or the OrganiCup. OrganiCup — The rim on this cup is firmer than on the RebelKate cup, but the body is a little softer. The difference between the two would be the silicone texture, grip rings, and stem. Lunette — This cup looks the closest to the RebelKate cup but instead of having that dip right below the rim, it carries on. The rim on the Lunette is quite a bit more firm. This cup especially in the smaller size , is kind of hard to fold.

    All of these comparisons were made with the smaller sized cups. Coupons, Deals & Free Shipping For October 12222

    All of the cups that I mentioned are a bit longer than the RebelKate and also have a slightly wider diameter. You can see and compare all of the cups here: Cup Comparison. I usually use pads and will need to change every hrs on heavier days. With a high cervix, you can pretty much have your pick of almost any cup on the market. As for stress incontinence, my daughter and I prefer a cup that is at least medium firm so that it applies enough pressure on our urethra to stop the leaks, but not too much pressure to cause any discomfort. The cups that I would suggest looking into and the cups that have worked for my daughter and myself for a high cervix, heavy flow, and incontinence would be:.

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