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Click and save. This coupon is selected just for you. A zoo is a very kid oriented place, basing many of its activities and opportunities for the younger ages. Now that John Ball Zoo has an idea of the amount of children there are in the area between newborn and 14, they are able to see how many kids in the area they are directly marketing too.

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With this data, John Ball Zoo can predict the amount of children guests they may have visit as well. Family Homes in Grand Rapids According to Grand Rapids Demographics and Statistics for there are a total of 41, family homes out of the total 72, homes in the city of Grand Rapids. Within these family homes, 1, of these family homes are occupied by a single dad with no wide present, while 14, of these family homes are occupied by single moms with no husband present Suburban Statistics, Relevance: These demographics help John Ball Zoo understand that in the surrounding area, family homes make up over half of the households in Grand Rapids.

Seeing that John Ball Zoo is a very kid and family orientated place it is important for the zoo to understand the demographics of family homes in its community. With this information in mind, John Ball Zoo is able to know to market on more family based opportunities going on, seeing as they make up half of the homes. The populations of single parented homes are also important to consider Seeing as single parents occupy over 15, homes, this is another thing that John Ball Zoo could use as a target market. Examinations were completed in hopes of finding ways to make smarter and more proficient decisions at John Ball Zoo.

The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the ways in which John Ball Zoo needs to become more concentrated, were they are excelling, and how they properly handle their customer clientele. Research was conducted through a mystery shop process and then calculated to be shown in a chart format. The zoo is a great spot for all ages in the Grand Rapids community.

Yearly, the zoo draws in thousands of people and the group was intrigued to understand why and how these customers might feel about this experience. It appeared to be updated frequently while involving other things that are going on within the Grand Rapids community. The Facebook page had more pictures of the animals and their food, drawing in potential customers to read on about how they can become involved with feeding the animals.

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The Facebook page also gives customers a chance to share their photos and experiences. Coupons on the Facebook page were also available since the busy summer season is probably beginning to dwindle down and attendance is declining. Telephone: Contacting John Ball Zoo by telephone turned out to be a pleasant surprise. At first, it began with an automated phone call, but after navigating the way to admissions, a woman introduced John Ball Zoo and asked how she could help me.

She continued to answer all questions about hours, cost, directions, and much more with clarity and friendliness. Her enthusiastic and animated response was conductive to encouraging attendance. It gives information about every aspect that one would need to know before visiting the zoo. It even included coloring pages and games for kids. It tells about upcoming events, the seasonal hours for the entire year, pricing, event space, rentals, unique activities that make this zoo different from any other zoo, as well as a section of how individuals can get involved.

The webpage is very informational and encourages people to call if you have any questions arise. People tend to love what the zoo has to offer and believe that it is a great place to take families for a fun day. Pricing tends to be reasonable for most people and the animals are a huge hit. Additionally, ample amounts of interaction with animals and the zoo staff are important to the guests and keep them wanting to come back for more.

Team Conclusions: 1. It provides all the necessary information to answer potential questions and encourage visitors to the zoo. All had high expectations and majority of the expectations were met. Found it interesting that there was nothing on website, reviews, or social media that indicated any sort of recovery or place to go if you had a bad experience.

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It was noted that there were no flags to report bad experiences. Recommendations: 1.

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More pictures on website to engage clientele of all ages. Group members had high expectations for quality communications from various sources at John Ball Zoo. These expectations were met after receiving their social media pages, online reviews, website and phone communications. Specials for non-members or raise admissions prices and eliminate the additional experience prices. Add first aid to map and signage to help guide guests to where they are going and to reduce confusion. More advertising throughout the Grand Rapids Area by leaving brochures at different places around the city or adding a billboard during the peak season.

They all include links to their original website that will give answers to most questions. The Twitter page and Facebook page all have a relatively large number of followers considering the Grand Rapids area is not an extremely large metropolis area.

Craig's Cruisers (Grand Rapids Location)

They also include photos of animals at the zoo and activities for visitors to become personally involved in anticipation of a visit. The website is very informative and organized in a logical and easy way to navigate. There are also links to the Zoo Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. The website also includes multiple activities and games for children which helps to raise the level of anticipation for this age group.

All of the social media sites include opportunities to contact the zoo via email, live chat, or phone call. This gives visitors many ways to get their questions answered or concerns addressed. Zoo Goes Boo is an event that many zoos offer during this time of year when attendance is declining.

Currently, all social media sites are promoting this event. It appears that John Ball Zoo is utilizing social media as extensively as possible to promote and encourage visitors. Wyoming, MI www. One recommendation to take maximum advantage of this facility would be to advertise more to local businesses, schools, and churches in the area.

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Making organizations aware of the meeting room accommodations and events that are possible would create more business. This could be accomplished through a variety of ways such as advertising in church bulletins, telecommunications, radio and television advertisement, and billboards. Another recommendation would be to network with other similar facilities to not only discover how they advertise and deliver services to visitors, but to also consider ways to join forces to increase business. Perhaps similar facilities could offer discount rates to visitors who offer both facilities.

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craigs cruisers coupons grand rapids Craigs cruisers coupons grand rapids
craigs cruisers coupons grand rapids Craigs cruisers coupons grand rapids
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