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In the middle of the swirling tides of language change, you’ll find Steve Kleinedler.

At present , the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution specifies 22 languages originally 14 languages. It is the national language of Nepal. At present; this language is not spoken in almost any part of India. But it is still spoken in Mattur Mathur village of Karnataka state. This is the official language of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. There are 4. It is principle language of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Apart from these states; it is spoken in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Odisha, Puducherry and Chhattisgarh also.

Dogri is the dialect of Punjabi. It is spoken in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan also. In the end; it is worth to mention that the Sindhi language was added in the 8th schedule by the 21st Amendment Act of ; Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali were added by the 71st Amendment Act of ; and Bodo, Dongri, Maithili and Santhali were added by the 92nd Amendment Act of In all the 22 official languages the Hindi language is spoken by most of the Indians.

List of subjects covered in the 11th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. School Board. I also used my passion for Arabic to create a unique online resource for Arabic learners. See their job vacancy list here for some examples of the kind of criteria they look for. Theories on supply and demand predict that when many people possess what earlier might have been a scarce commodity, the price goes down, i.

The quote above is adapted from an article by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, a figure well-known by linguists for her controversial views on linguistic human rights. If you want to stand out from the rest then consider studying a language that few others undertake Georgian for example.

Do you think your French , Spanish or German will be as impressive to employers when you and 20 other candidates after you can all speak it? Languages like Arabic and Mandarin Chinese are and will continue to be more desirable as economic power shifts over the coming years. Great post, Donovan. I very much like your post, Donovan. And they quite likely were also interpreters or translators…. Interesting article but, I think that it overlooks an enormous area where language skills are a bonus: international business.

May be for the same reason, I am unable to figure out which language to choose as a career. But, after making my mind I took Japanese as my option. And started learning it deeply. Now, I am an interpreter an also teach other about the language and Japanese culture.

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Ho there! I d like to ask you: did U get a degree or U studied by yourself? Great post. Hmmm, the Irish James Bond, eh?

Living language project | Exhibition, Presentation, and Workshop – University of Nicosia

Hi, Donovan. German is a part of my life and russian is just something I want to learn for fun.

Also, do you have any extra tips for a beginner translator on how to get the word out there, for instance? I fall in the second category of people who just love learning languages and consequently wants to make a living off it. My passion comes from my frustration where I want to discuss with friends but find my expressions limited by the language barrier. I still have a lot of learning to do. I speak English and French not professionally even though I am working hard in that regard on being a professional translator.

I also want to learn to speak Japanese and or Spanish. While reading your article I found myself trying to fix myself in some of the roles listed. Thank you. Really interesting post! Hi there!

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I absolutely love this post. It was very informative and thought-provoking. Your post helped me narrow down some career paths and really got me thinking about what it is that I would like to work toward in the future. So, thank you- I appreciate all of your wonderful information!

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Hi Donovan, Its really amazing. I am very much fascinated for languages. Korean dramas were my first inspiration to study a foreign language. But when I start learning it , I felt it to be amazing,rather than my school studies. As speaking I know 4 languages fluently. Currently I am working on my Korean and Japanese. Now I am right at the stage to select a career… U really helped me. Even though now I am giving a serious thought of studying a language course so I can choose a career where I am passionate.

Your comments were much inspiring for me……. Great blog.. Hello Donovan! I am glad I found this on your blog. I was just trying to check out for careers I could get involved with,with an ability to speak foreign languages, and I am happy for the insights I have read. I speak both Chinese and French as foreign languages, currently a translator and interpreter. I appreciate your ideas from your experience, and I am encouraged that there are way too many options to try, in terms of career.

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Thanks for this advice! We share a common love for Arabic, as this was THE language that made me into an aspiring polyglot. I am probably most drawn to the full-time blogging path where one can go at their own pace even remotely, non-guaranteed pay aside. As a second, translation is appealing given its lower barriers to entry than interpreting and military training -which is not in my future for now.

I look forward to reading more from your blog! Good to hear of your passion for Arabic. I wish you all the best with it. Shoot me a message through my contact form: mezzoguild. I have to disagree on number 4. I am a non-native Spanish instructor and I speak 5 other languages. I speak Spanish better than my native languages now and in addition, I have taught some Spanish words and cultural stuff to native speakers who did not know those things.

Hi Donovan, Myself Karan from India. I want to do a job in which I will get to explore the world and i love interacting with peoples. Can you suggest something related to this. I like your blog as I get to know many things for the Language learners. I am happy to find your post, thank you. I am in Los Angeles, and looking for a job. I have learned Spanish for 1. I need some encouragement! Your post is what I needed! My first goal is to find a bilingual customer service job.

I am determined to find one in 6 months! This post is great. Thanks to it now i have a better idea of what i can do with the ability of dominating a language, in the future. I lived there for 12 years and now i have an incredible domination over it. It would be great if you could give me more ideas of the jobs opportunities, in my case.

We home school and my 15 year old daughter has been learning Hebrew for a couple of years and plans to continue through high school and has just started learning Russian purely out of interest. I am amazed at her ability to so quickly learn a new alphabet, vocabulary, and phrases. In an effort to foster her interests and educate myself on possibilities for future educational opportunities and careers, I came across your article. Thank you for giving real insight as I search for direction on fostering her interests and possible career choices.

Hi, interesting article though as a non-native and certified teacher of a world language level I-AP, I disagree on 4.

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