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The Earth Day collection includes reusable bags, T-shirts and stickers with pro-environment messages and reusable mugs. Caribou Coffee: The Earth Month tumbler promo is back. Plus, a portion of each sale will be donated to One Tree Planted.

This loyalty club is free to join. The company sells audio and DJ products made out of sustainable materials. The code is valid Earth Day through May 5. Stores will have dedicated bins for collection, and the donated denim will be transformed into insulation for schools, libraries and low-income housing built by Habitat for Humanity via the Blue Jeans Go Green program. Natural Grocers: April 22 to 24, the sustainable grocery store chain will be offering deals on brands Seventh Generation, Tanka, Wild Planet and more.

Plus, on April 22, receive a free reusable bag with purchase while supplies last. Workonomy promises to dispose of your shredded paper in an environmentally responsible manner see details. Bring up to 5 lbs of documents and present this coupon.

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To get this deal, visit this page to find an eco-friendly hotel in your desired destination. Then, book a hotel in a U. Rent The Runway: Renting clothing is more sustainable than buying. Target: April 22 through May 4, drop off your old car seat for Target to recycle. Offer available for new customers and existing customers who want to add a new line. World Market: Enjoy the great outdoors by making your outdoor areas more inviting.

You must complete your stay by May 16, Kristin is a savings and deals expert at Offers. Check out the Creative Machine Embroidery blog for giveaways, tips, contests and more! Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, which is full of exclusive free offers, design downloads and more! Download free ebooks for cutwork , applique , thread and software tutorials and more! Embroidery Designs. About Us. The Fall issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is hitting Friday Freebie For Father's Day!

Create a New Profile. Freebies Free Designs Free eBooks. Community Become a Fan on Facebook! Teacups seem to be worth either nothing or a lot.

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Check the makers stamp on the bottom of your teacups and compare to the ones online. Not all Fenton or carnival glasses command high prices.

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Certain colors, collections, and sizes are worth more. Any damage will also reduce the price — watch out for chips or hairline fractures on these items, which can be hard to miss. Jadite is a highly desirable a radiation-green looking type glass and you can often find plates, bowls, saucers, and vases at thrift stores. While always popular with niche buyers, Jadite seems to be making a mainstream comeback recently thanks to Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper. Brand name clothing can sell well on eBay, depending on the time of the year and the brand.

We’re making merchandise simple.

Always be open and honest about the condition of the item, which will reduce the chances of having returned items or negative reviews. Both new and vintage name brand sportswear sell well on eBay. The condition is important; less visible wear is preferred. Lilly Pulitzer is a popular brand with women which produces colorful clothing and other wares, such as bedding and even picnic baskets! Name brand handbags in good condition, such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Kate Spade to name a few, can go for hundreds or even thousands!

They are very popular in Europe — my husband said people in Germany went crazy for them when he was living there. Watches are a good thing to watch out for see what I did there? Watches can go anywhere from a couple of bucks up to tens of thousands of dollars! Since necklaces are very light in weight and can be shipped with minimal cost, nice necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry can be sold for a nice profit. Estate sales are especially great places to grab sweet deals on jewelry. If you have unwanted leather shoes, those can sell really quickly.

Start listing and selling clothing at least one season before — if you want to sell winter items on eBay, begin to list them towards the end of summer and early fall.

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Anything from snowboarding pants to anti-glare goggles to actual snowboards can be sold on eBay. Frames, seats, handlebars, and wheels, almost all parts of a bicycle can be sold for a great price on eBay, if you have a high-quality bike. Almost every time I go to Goodwill I see vintage picnic baskets, which are quickly snapped up! If you can find a wicker picnic basket with all the tableware and accessories still inside that can fetch a great price on eBay!

A PNP can be broken down into parts and sold piece by piece for the same price as a brand new model! Infant sleep or lack thereof is a big deal for parents. If you have any Halo sleepsacks or Zipadee-zips laying around, sell them for a quick profit. Fertility monitors and accessories to track fertility are very, very expensive. You can recoup some of that cost by reselling your fertility monitor, unused fertility monitor sticks, fertility bracelets, ovulation testers, and more on eBay!

Even if you only have the base, you can make good money.

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Make sure that you know the manufacture date should be somewhere on the car seat because they have a limited shelf life mine was a Chicco Keyfit 30, good for 8 years. Again, pretty much all moms have owned at least one and sometimes many types of wearable baby carriers I had an organic Ergo.

Niche baby care items can also sell well. I also sold some wedge-shaped pillows that were meant to be placed under mattresses to help children with reflux issues.

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If you have any specialty items that your children used and have outgrown they can be passed on to a new family for a good price. Not only more recent train sets like Thomas and Chuggington but also vintage toy trains can be sold on eBay. Start selling your old mitts before or during baseball season and you can make a pretty penny. Vintage mitts can go for hundreds, depending on the brand and specific model. Take a look at the palm, the stitching, inside the mitt, etc to assess the quality and note the specific mitt type and use the eBay Advanced Search feature to try and look up the specific mitt on eBay.

There are websites that specifically list different baseballs mitts by serial number to help people identify their value.

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Both new, used, and vintage golf shoes can be sold quickly for the right price. Try and clean any dirt, grass, or other debris off before photographing and selling. If you got a new phone because your old one broke you can sell your broken phone! Some people buy broken phones specifically to flip.

Because phones are so expensive nowadays there is a big market for replacement phone parts and accessories, like cords. If you are a lucky soul that has an original, working Atari or Nintendo, there is a great market out there for that. From vintage to brand new, video games are in hot demand.

items for sale and freebies cork Items for sale and freebies cork
items for sale and freebies cork Items for sale and freebies cork
items for sale and freebies cork Items for sale and freebies cork
items for sale and freebies cork Items for sale and freebies cork
items for sale and freebies cork Items for sale and freebies cork

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