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Ashton Drake So Truly Real Dolls Doll collectors from all over the world have relied on The Ashton-Drake Galleries to provide them with the most lifelike collectible dolls by world's most renowned doll artists for over 30 years. Sculpted by renowned artists like Marissa May and Linda Murray, each So Truly Real Dolls displays an unbelievable level of realism and inescapable charm.

The So Truly Real Dolls are hand-cast in soft vinyl or supple silicone and hand-painted to perfection. The doll is safe for kids ages 3 and up, so its specially designed with little girls in mind who wouldn't mind their doll sharing many of the wonderful features of high-quality collectible dolls.

It's weighted and posable, so your little girl will have that oh-so-real feel when she holds it in her arms.

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The precious little thing comes in a pink sleeper and cloth diaper. These lifelike cuties, Bobo and Coco, are fully poseable boy and girl baby monkey dolls by none other than Linda Murray. These little sweeties are so jolly and lifelike that your kid will have a hard time letting go of them.

And if you think your kid needs more than just 2 friends to monkey around, then you can adopt Little Umi, a baby orangutan and Mollie, an orangutan toddler to pump up the party! Plus, a portion of your spending on Little Umi goes to rainforest preservation which is one of the little joys Little Umi brings with itself. Caring of Your Ashton-Drake Dolls Ashton-Drake recommends cleaning dolls, doll accessories and plush items with a soft cloth, clean duster, soft dry paintbrush or a makeup brush.

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You may also use sprays which emit puffs of air to remove dust particles from small spaces like computer keyboards. Dolls made of hand-painted vinyl, porcelain or artist's resin can be cleaned with mild soap-and-water solution, then rinsed with clear water and dried carefully by hand and it's highly advisable to remove all doll costumes and accessories before doing so.

However, if any part of the doll is adorned with simulated jewels, fabric, feathers or leather, these should only be dusted. Never wash doll costuming or fabric accessories in a washing machine.

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The Ashton-Drake Galleries recommend professional dry cleaning. Plush or fabric items can be spot-cleaned on the surface. Avoid exposing your dolls and other collectibles to direct sunlight for long periods of time, and never use pens or markers near your vinyl dolls as they leave permanent stains on the vinyl. Here's how you should do it: Use a comb bought specifically for your doll or a nylon bristle brush. Begin from the crown and carefully brush in one direction towards the sides of the head or the face. For the back of the head, again brush in one direction from crown down to the base of the neck.

Always let her hair dry. Never use personal brush to comb your doll's hair. Never yank or pull their hair as they can easily break.


Never use haircare products like gels and mousses on them. Ashton-Drake Money Back Guarantee When you shop at The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online , you not only purchase yourself the joy of having a beautiful doll that touches your heart but also the confidence that your order will be safely delivered to your home, and will be backed by the industry's best money-back guarantee.

Yes, AshtonDrake. So, you can take full advantage of everything The AshtonDrake.

You can also visit Ashton Drake Sale section to check the baby dolls available on sale price. Shipping charges often tend to keep people away from shopping online so remove this hurdle CouponLeak. Ashton-Drake Dolls are also available on installments. As we are aware that installments are the convenient way to shop because you don't have to pay full money altogather.

In Ashton Drake Installments Plan, the company spread the total cost of an item over several months. Stores Deals. Ashton-Drake Coupons for Oct Latest Ashton Drake Deals for Oct Baby's First Christmas Baby Doll. Pleasant Dreams Penelope Baby Doll. Linda Murray Sophia Baby Doll. Sherry Rawn Ella Baby Doll. Linda Murray Katie Baby Doll. Ashton Drake Review. Expired Ashton-Drake Couponss. Try this Coupon. Try this Offer. Related Stores. Afremov Coupon Code Beckett Media Coupon Code Betty's Attic Coupon Code Deadwood Knives Coupon Code Hamilton Collection Coupon Code Historic Aviation Coupon Code Ashton Drake Review.

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Ashton Drake Coupons. Free Return Shipping on Any Orders Grab this wonderful chance of saving with both hands from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, now you will free return shipping on any orders, follow this link and enjoy the offer. Get Ashton-Drake Dolls Available on Installments Spread the cost of your new collectible over several months, interest free! Social Presence. Alexa: , Compete: 23, QuantCast: 30, Ashton Drake Information AshtonDrake.

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Established in , AshtonDrake. Since the very beginning, AshtonDrake. The company provides you with excellent products that are very hard to find anywhere else in such affordable prices that you would love to pay for the value and stunning products you get from them. Their dolls are so real in looks that you won? The dolls they make are lifelike and give you a great impression of Excellency and perfection with joy.

They have got hundreds of dolls to offer you within different categories in their online shopping store. To view their full list of irresistible truly real dolls, log on to www.

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coupons for ashton drake dolls Coupons for ashton drake dolls
coupons for ashton drake dolls Coupons for ashton drake dolls
coupons for ashton drake dolls Coupons for ashton drake dolls
coupons for ashton drake dolls Coupons for ashton drake dolls
coupons for ashton drake dolls Coupons for ashton drake dolls

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