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Please enter your name here. The Apple TV 4K is unparalleled is in its search features. Accessing the same technology that goes into Siri, you can use voice or text to search for just about any piece of content imaginable. If it's on iTunes — or one of more than 60 compatible apps, including Netflix and Hulu — the search will find it. You can search for episodes of Star Trek with obscure guest stars; you can search for 4K movies starring Hugh Jackman; you can search for poorly reviewed movies from the '90s.

However, the Siri search was considerably less adept at picking out apps. This isn't helped at all by the fact that the App Store is still, to put it charitably, a mess. If the app or game you want is popular enough to make the front page, that app is easy enough to find. Otherwise, the menus are both haphazard and incomplete.

If you don't know the exact name of your app and don't find it within the fairly anemic lists in the App Store, you'll probably never locate it at all.

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Having a streamlined store is convenient, perhaps, but it does take all the joy out of finding that one specialized app you didn't even know you needed. With the exception of Amazon Video, which is coming later this year, the Apple TV 4K has just about everything the average streaming enthusiast needs. This saves you from a lot of tedious logins later on. We're also keeping track of the Apple TV Plus shows and movies that are expected to begin launching this fall. From the gorgeous high-octane action of Sayonara Wild Hearts to the cyberpunk dialogue-driven adventures in Neo Cab, there's something for everyone.

Apple TV 32GB (4th Generation) - Black

Tom's Guide has not yet had a chance to test Apple Arcade on an Apple TV, but the selection alone is a feather in the device's cap, as far as games go. Back when the fourth-gen Apple TV came out, the company was very quick to tout its gaming features. With high-budget, innovative titles such as Transistor and Beat Sports, it was easy to believe that the Apple TV might be the second streaming box to make an honest go of gaming.

The Shield TV was the first, obviously. Since then, the Apple TV has gained a lot of good games and even more cut-rate, sloppy, ignorable ones. As far as I could tell, the system doesn't have any new exclusive titles, and highly anticipated releases such as Jenova Chen's Sky aren't available yet. Apple no longer insists that developers make their games compatible with the remote; games can require a controller instead. There still aren't that many Apple TV controllers, although the good news is that the SteelSeries Nimbus is a quite good one.

Still, be warned that if you play games with an Apple TV remote, the controls tend to be extremely imprecise and floaty.

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This can be especially damaging in a platformer like Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure, in which I couldn't finish the first dungeon, because it was too difficult to jump, aim and shoot at the same time. Lots of streaming boxes offer games; comparatively few offer smart home options. This includes a wide variety of HomeKit devices , including thermostats from Honeywell, security cameras from D-Link and light bulbs from Philips. Once you've gone through a rather cumbersome and clumsy setup process, involving an iOS device and a plethora of settings menus, you can use your Apple TV as a smart home hub.

This lets you control your gadgets, even when you're away from your home Wi-Fi network. The Apple TV is pretty much the only HomeKit hub on the market, so that alone might make it worth a look. One advantage for existing Apple customers is AirPlay, a screen-mirroring capability that resembles Miracast and Google Cast. Using AirPlay, users can either broadcast their iTunes libraries up on the big screen or mirror their screens directly. This can be useful if you want to show a presentation on a TV screen or get some productivity work done in your living room; otherwise, the feature is much less necessary than it used to be.

Broadcasting iTunes content from your iDevice or Mac isn't really necessary, because your iTunes content is already available on the Apple TV. Even your own photos and videos are just a click away in the built-in Photo app. You'll need a pretty powerful Internet connection to stream 4K HDR content you need at least 25 Mbps down, which is more than what we got on a standard home Wi-Fi network , but content loads quickly and smoothly. Been deciding if I should get one for a while.

All of the popular apps with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in a small easy to use package. Let's not forget the decent deals for 4k films on the iTunes store.

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I posted this a few posts up.. This will give you an idea on what's available out the main services via a current gen Apple tv now. Doesn't leave much out does it.. Good price but much better paying a little more or waiting for the next offer on a 4K version. They Apple have cracking deals on 4k content.

I haven't a clue I don't own the box. Just polish the case? Trust me, apple products just work.. Thanx for that link She need to be able to browse a colourful catalogue - like the native iTunes movies app - and choosewhat she wants to watch. Seems that movies anywhere is more a storage library, for content already purchased.

Apple TV Review (4th Generation)

Other services do. Moviesanywhere lets you use your account on the move, even when you are not in the USA. Normal price for BT. Really quite simple to use, even if some reviews are poor. But interesting comment nonetheless though?. Amazon stick is an option but I went for the Apple TV which allows me to link my photos to the tv nicely - not cheap but cheaper via eBay. Slightly off topic I downloaded an app thinking it would do it but turns out it only mirrors certain websites such as YouTube!

Is there any other way? Selling to cex is convenient however there is a price for everything, you get less back for convenience yet if you are a little more smarter you do get more for your items selling elsewhere which in your case you did do. Well done mate. Only if you are watching 4k movies.

Apple 32GB 4th Gen. Apple TV - Micro Center

Apple has the cheapest 4k movies compared to Google and Amazon. Case anyone else is thinking the same, I use mine everyday to stream my digital collection to the projector. I have my computer and an external drive which is shared on the home network, the paid infuse program allows me to access it and stream, you can use plex also but I don't like it at all.

Alos Youtube, netflix, amazon prime, etc etc. If you're to buy one you need to think what you're going to use it for, for me it was network streaming. I picked Argos as I could collect it today, I did say in the opening post it works with all sellers even used ones as long as it is buy it now and not auction y.

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Ordered minutes before I posted this deal, collected from my local Homebase just now. Looking forward to spending more money on 4K movies I don't really need to watch popcorn.

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So its mainly for apps etc. Apple TV is a TV and movie streaming box that uses a Siri remote controller to allow users to watch films, play music, store shows for later viewing, play games and browse the web. Featuring smooth link-ups with Apple's iPhones , iPods and iPads , it's a great tool for people who have plenty of iTunes tracks on their account, as well as a handy streaming service for all families.

However, Apple TV isn't the only streaming device in town. This buyer's guide will explain how it works, and how you can choose the right media streaming service for your needs. Apple TV has been around for quite a while now, having been launched in The first generation required a computer with iTunes installed to function and initially came without a remote.

However, this was soon rectified with updates and new packages, until the first generation resembled today's products by A third version arrived in , which focused on synching up with the iPad and bumped up the resolution to cutting edge p. Then, the fourth generation of Apple TV debuted in This time, the company made some major changes, vastly improving the control and making the box ready to handle demanding apps. This iteration of Apple TV remains available, but Apple TV 4K has now also been developed and released, allowing viewers to access ultra-high resolution streaming.

In fact, Amazon took two years to develop an app to let Apple TV users streaming their own Prime content.

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