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If you end up talking to a representative, it will probably be from an offshore call center less likely to hassle you about your qualifications as a new customer.

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A credit check will be requested. Both bundle premium movie channels with extra basic cable networks you probably used to have with Time Warner Cable or Bright House package. It is important to check what channels are included with each package or you will find some channels missing from your lineup if you switch to Select. If Charter wanted customers to consider them more honest than their predecessors, they have some work to do. Nice try. See below to understand what happens when a customer thinks they can save some money by omitting the phone line.

It gets even worse for double-play customers if they have a DVR box. Missing basic cable channels you want back? This list applies to the Northeast U. Next step is selecting equipment, and this is one area where Charter does better for its customers than its predecessors. However, a current triple play promotion waives the fee for the first DVR box.

If you own your own cable modem, you can continue to use it.

If you sign up for both phone and internet service, Charter will likely supply you with a device that handles both the phone and broadband service, but can disable the internet side of the modem to favor your own equipment. Charter does not charge rental fees for either a cable or phone modem. Self-install kits are free without a service charge for a technician to visit to hook up the equipment and you can pick up equipment immediately. At the end of the order, you should be given your account number and an equipment reservation number. Use online chat if you did not get one or both.

Take both your account number and reservation number along with legal photo ID to the nearest Charter Cable Store to pick up your new equipment. Some of our readers accomplished this on the same day they canceled service. You might avoid an awkward encounter by returning equipment at one store location and picking up new equipment at another.

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The store should give you equipment if your ID at least shows the same physical address where service is located. It depends on local store policies whether the account holder must be present or not. The best deals always go to new customers while loyal ones pay more. However, that does not mean you need to give Charter more money than they deserve.

For most customers, the option of keeping a legacy Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks package will depend almost entirely on price.

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To avoid customer bill shock, Time Warner Cable used to gradually reset rates back to regular price over an extended period. Charter does not. This rate reset is by design. If you call to complain, you just saved Charter marketing expenses trying to convince you to contact them to discuss changing plans. Charter charges considerably less for cable equipment and has no modem fee at all. So get out your current cable bill and review these prices from Charter and compare.

Charter does still offer some additional bundled discounts not reflected here. You will not get them unless you ask what offers are available to you. Our recommendations:. Charter does not appear to levy a sports programming surcharge. Premium Channels.

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Technician assessment and professional installation required. No fee if you use your own internet router. You were not on a promotion before which is why you got one this time.

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One year from now when your bill spikes and you call and complain, they will tell you tough luck. I talked with a retention specialist who used to work for TWC but now continues with Charter. Maybe there is something going on. No wonder so many customers are fleeing. Over the years they let me keep that price for years, even as service speeds increased.

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But hearing about all the crap they are pulling convinced me to drop them. Got lower priced internet service in the bargain, actually. I live in NYS.

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They did confirm you only need to cancel for 30 days to qualify for the lower new customer rates. Return equipment to cable store and cancel service, go home and sign up online with a self-install kit, go back out and pickup new equipment and install it. Your downtime — a few hours. I just did this and after they ran my credit and my husband turned in the modem, they changed the price on me from I would be careful trying to do this.

They told me my husband would have to be off the lease for me to be considered a new customer and now we have to be without service for months before we qualify for the new customer discount. We had been with them about 6 weeks. Did you use your married name or maiden name?

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I have never seen this kind of scrutiny before. It is 30 days without service to be considered a new customer if you are an existing one. So just to verify, do they check the lease? We share completely different names but are still on the same lease. Will I have the same issue as Michelle or should I be fine? Thank you for this well-written, comprehensive article. I am a Charter customer in Northern Nevada and they raise our bills every month.

I thought I was going crazy being unable to find TV Package pricing for existing customers. I guess the absence of such information is marketing psychology. Charter wants you to call them. I have tried to get lower prices for canceling in the past and they have always been unyielding. You are correct that they would rather lose a customer than negotiate for retention. I am a longtime Charter customer who is considering cutting the cord.

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Because of where I live, Spectrum is my only choice for wired internet. Neil, can you tell what equipment you used to set up your system. They are getting stronger and stronger by the day and only require decent Internet. Go to Cord Cutters for more info. Promo with TWC ending this week. Cost quoted was for one year. So, i declined and asked what happens to my DTA-based starter tv — told they will be obsolete soon no date. Attorney General, who is collecting instances exactly like yours for potential enforcement actions.

I am wondering if you could elaborate so I can try and get a fair price. I live in Ulster county and my cable was raised from It took a bit of insistence.

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