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I do not believe any UK vet will give me a prescription for a dog they have never seen There are currently no thanks for this post. This is Nala - 2 photos before the Cushings and the last one My friend is absolutely heart broken as youu can imagine Oh, she is a gorgeous dog I see no reason that any online pharmacy would not accept a properly presented prescription from a Polish vet.

Cushing's Disease and Vetoryl ( Trilostane )

I presume her vet WILL write a prescription? I have used a lot of online pharmacies and find some of them can be somewhat picky about accuracy of prescription forms. I have just used MyOnlineVet.

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Your friend can print off the prescription form from the site and will have to post it to them as they need the original not a copy although I think they will accept a fax direct from the prescribing vet. Hope this helps. Unfortunately if the Polish regs are like ours, it is illegal to import drugs from another country without permission from the correct authorites VMD in UK-need a special import cert its a shame, but the regs are there.

Users saying Thanks 2. I'd get a letter in English, or translated as well as the prescription from the Polish vet. The drugs are being sold to someone in the UK you which is legal. Can you see your friend, then you could take her a supply of the drugs? I would call some of the bigger sites PetUK, Vetmeds and ask them But I vaguely remember that they only send to the UK for some reason. Might be worth a go? Thanks a lot everyone for all the advice - I will strat calling around from Monday as all the places I have tried to call so far were closed at the weekend No luck - everyowhere I have called today, a prescription from UK vet is required.

No vet I called will write a prescription for a dog that is not in UK. ANY advice very much appreciated Elle7 View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts.

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Could you bring the dog over to the UK? Otherwise, I don't think you'll get far with this I'm afraid. I'm no expert, but I've had several friends take dogs abroad, and have to pay the extra premiums for medication as their old vet would no longer prescribe medication for them. It does seem very harsh Could she negotiate on price with her own vet if the dog will be on them for a long time?

That could save her some money Otherwise, I think you'd have to look into bringing the dog here, but she'd need to be fully vaccinated and possibly to return frequently for more prescriptions. Which could wipe out the saving from the medication I hope you get something figured out, she is such a beautiful dog.

Elle- my friends vet is happy to prescribe, this is not the problem. My friend is not rich, there is no pet insurance as we know it, the dog is 11 yo and she had it from a pup, it is her best friend and she wants to do whatever she can to make it better. Glad we got it sorted now though Elle- thanks, I hope so too Nala needs mg per day She my friend is over the moon and has just run to her vet for a perscription Aww, great news for Nala.

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Addisonian reactions have been reported in which the adrenal cortex dies off. Most reactions are minor and can be reversed with discontinuation of trilostane; however, permanent Addisonian reactions are possible, just as with Lysodren.

While these permanent reactions are generally dose-dependent with Lysodren, they are idiosyncratic with trilostane, meaning that they can occur unpredictably and at any dose. For this reason, monitoring blood tests are just as important with trilostane as they are with Lysodren.

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For many years trilostane was not available in the U. As with Lysodren, the dose is modified according the results of periodic ACTH stimulation tests at days, 30 days, 90 days, and then every 6 months. One might ask why one might consider trilostane given that its monitoring is similar to that of Lysodren while its dosing schedule is less convenient.

This is no longer felt to be true but at least there is an alternative effective medication for pets that do not tolerate Lysodren or who have had difficulty achieving regulation with Lysodren. Advantages of Trilostane over Lysodren. It acts as an enzyme inhibitor and the inhibition it causes is fully reversible. It is unclear why Addisonian reaction is still possible with this medication. In theory it should be safer. Disadvantages of Trilostane Compared to Lysodren.

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Because initial references to trilostane suggested it was safer than Lysodren, it is possible for a pet owner to have a false sense of security and ignore important signs of drug reaction. A precise dosing regimen for trilostane has not yet been worked out. There is currently little experience with trilostane in the U. Your veterinarian may require periodic consultation with other experts. To the treatment of cushings disease, L-Deprenyl represents a completely different approach.

Rather than trying to interfere with the adrenal gland's over-production of steroid hormones, L-Deprenyl addresses the pituitary tumor directly. Studies with L-Deprenyl began when it was found that this medication might be helpful in treating humans with Parkinson's disease. Research in dogs, however, uncovered some surprising results involving ACTH release from the pituitary gland.

When dopamine levels are high, ACTH secretion shuts down. Pituitary tumors are not very responsive to normal regulatory mechanisms in the body, but most pituitary tumors in dogs with Cushing's disease are not located in the intermediate pituitary area. This means the intermediate area is still able to respond normally to dopamine regulation. So how do we raise dopamine levels in the pituitary gland? L-Deprenyl inhibits the enzymes involved in degradation of dopamine.

This means that the dopamine present lasts much longer.

Vetoryl for Dogs

It also stimulates the production of other neurotransmitters that serve to stimulate dopamine production. It is also able to synergize with dopamine as dopamine binds to the intermediate pituitary gland. More dopamine, means less ACTH release overall, which means less steroid production by the adrenal glands.

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